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Plastic Containers

We offer the widest range of packaging solutions for the food and beverage, liquor & spirits, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, paints and lubricants industries.

With multiple technologies and processes, we process a variety of materials that offer high performance and light weight conversions. From generic options to customs design and from bulk supply to pilot projects, we have the range of machines to meet your every packaging need. We manufacture plastic containers from 30ml to 30 liters capacity.

plastic containers
caps and closures

Caps and Closures

We manufacture high quality generic and specialized closures, inners and caps.

Pet Preforms

Pioneers of PET packaging in Nepal, we offer the largest range of PET preforms in Nepal for all kinds of applications like carbonated beverages (CSD), still drinks, oils, juices (hot fill), pharmaceuticals, liquors etc.

Hot Fill (HF) :

HF preforms are used for packaging beverages and liquids that are filled when they are hot. These include juice, sauce, flavored milk etc. HF or hot fill preforms are used to make PET bottles that do not deform in high temperatures.


PCO preforms are used to blow PET bottles for packing CSD and juices. PCO preforms are available in two neck finishes. PCO 1810 which is a bit taller and PCO 1881 which is shorter, with 28mm neck diameter for both.
PET Preforms are a fast and easy way of manufacturing PET bottles. We have a wide range of preform weights, ranging from 10 grams to 54 grams.

Roll-on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) :

ROPP preforms are used in manufacturing PET bottles for pharmaceutical applications. ROPP bottles have a Roll-on cap that can be applied automatically in an assembly line.

Alaska :

Alaska preforms are commonly used for manufacturing PET bottles for drinking water. Alaska preforms have a standard neck diameter of 26 to 28 millimeters. We have Alaska preforms for up to 2L water bottles.


CTC preforms are commonly used for blowing bottles to pack edible oils. CTC preforms are heavier than most other variants.

Jars :

Jar Preforms are used to blow PET jars for packing various products like glucose, confectionery, pickles, jams etc. Jar preforms have wide mouth to make it easy to take out the filled products.

pet preforms
HDPE pipes

HDPE Pipes

We manufacture high quality NS-certified HDPE pipes from 20mm to 450mm.